• für Neurologie
    Ihre Facharztpraxis
    in Krefeld-Fischeln
  • für Neurologie
    Ihre Facharztpraxis
    in Krefeld-Fischeln
  • für Neurologie
    Ihre Facharztpraxis
    in Krefeld-Fischeln
  • für Neurologie
    Ihre Facharztpraxis
    in Krefeld-Fischeln

Neuropraxis Fischeln

Mon, Tue and Thu9am – 4pm
Wed9am – 1pm
Fri9am – 12pm
Office hours
The team of the Neuropraxis Fischeln is on vacation and will be back to the usual office hours on Monday, August 15, 2022.


to our neurological surgery, Neuropraxis Fischeln in Krefeld

We diagnose and treat a wide range of neurological disorders. Not only do we provide our patients with a highly qualified diagnosis, but we also care for timely appointment allocation, short waiting periods and a comprehensible course of treatment.
On the following sites you can find information on our wide range of services.
Our surgery is located in the heart of one of Krefeld’s suburbs, Fischeln, and is easily accessible by public transport from all the surrounding areas.
Parking possibilities are offered both on Kölner Strasse and at our private parking spaces at the rare of our surgery’s premises.
The surgery is located on the second floor and a lift ensures wheelchair accessibility.
We are happy to answer your questions either on the telephone or via E-mail.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our surgery,

Dr. med. Diamandis Toutzaris and the team of Neuropraxis Fischeln

Our Services

Psychometric testing and medical reports:

Various test procedures are carried out, which can reveal cognitive disorders such as memory impairment, attention deficit or disorientation.

Evoked potentials:

This includes a series of examinations in which the functioning of various nerve pathways is measured by stimulating sensory organs or peripheral nerves. The impulse triggered by the stimulation can be recorded and assessed.

Electroencephalography (EEG):

In this examination, electrodes are placed on the scalp, which derive the electrical activity of the brain and make it visible on a screen.


The conductivity and thus the function of the peripheral nerves can be measured by current pulses.

Doppler / ultrasonography:

Ultrasound is used to visualize the vessels supplying the brain in order to assess constrictions or occlusions, risks of a stroke. The examination is painless.

Our Practice

Unsere modern und hell eingerichteten Praxisräume sorgen vom ersten Augenblick an für eine angenehme Atmosphäre.